First of all, welcome to our updated blog! We're always trying to keep things fresh and update things with our current style of editing. We're kicking it off this time with Ashley & Daren.

These two are literally the coolest people. Ashley is a News Anchor for ABC 4 in Charleston, SC. Daren also works for ABC 4 as a Sportscaster. They found their way to Johnson City and got married at the Downtown Christian Church followed by a reception at The Gallery, also in Johnson City! Ashley described her wedding as "elegant, simple, clean, and classy." A southern classic and family oriented wedding. ALSO, we can't forget their doggo's, they're pretty freaking important (www.instagram.com/steve_and_barb)

One thing we've learned from shooting weddings is that every couple, whether they intend to or not, bring some sort of detail that is completely unique to them. While Daren struggled to tie his bow-tie, you could physically feel his excitement. Some couples decide to forgo the "first look" and that's something we can always get behind. There aren't words for the amount of energy that builds up to the moment those doors swing open, revealing your past, present, and future. Ashley said, "Daren and I chose not to do a "first look" and it was absolutely the right choice! The moment we locked eyes for the first time was one I will never forget. We were both overcome with extreme emotion and a sense of unbelievable euphoria."

They danced, laughed, snuck up on a roof, and shared their day with so much love. Before their send off, they did a "last dance" by themselves. Ashley said, " I loved our decision to do a final dance with only Daren and I in the room. That is one detail we still talk about! It was incredibly special to soak the magic of the day in with no distractions."

Bride recommended vendors:

Starr Weddings & Entertainment - www.starrweddings.com

The Gallery - www.galleryeventfacility.com

Southern Craft BBQ - www.southerncraftbbq.com

Annie Ballard (cake)