Our Island Adventure

The biggest struggle we have with blogging, is trying to put into words and describe the things we witness and do justice to these incredible moments. This one is going to be especially difficult, considering who we were with and where we were.

This past August we ended up in Hawaii during the same time that our best friends (also wedding professionals, klasseyproductions.com) - eloped. While Kauai was hot and sweaty, the beauty of the island is indescribable and so fitting for these two gorgeous souls that got married there. Giant weddings are amazing, but there's power in the simplicity to say, "This is my person, and this is happening now." You break down all the common distractions that come with a big wedding and then you're just left with serene amounts of love. 

We spent 4 days driving around the island, exploring all the reachable locations. Unfortunately, due to a hurricane, much of the Napali Coast hike was unavailable because of mud slides. That didn't stop us from finding the insane views overlooking the Napali Coastline.

The day:

We spent the morning laughing, getting ready, and then laughing some more followed by a short drive in the most ridiculous rental of our lives. (Kia Souls are good for nothing but car sickness and death) I've honestly sat here trying to put into words what happened next, but I cant. Here's where we ended up:

Oh yeah... ;) Walled in by bamboo with golden light peeking thru, these two shared their sincere vows. Honestly, it was so hard to take pictures with the amount of tears that filled my eye holes. Simply put, we love these two humans and there's no greater honor than having been there for you.