Every wedding photographer has their "ideal client" - What we look for in an ideal client is simply this... How much do you and your significant other dig each other? Enough to not care to make out a little in front of a camera? Great, you're our people! THESE TWO, they're the perfect representation of what we look for in every couple. I'm pretty sure they like each other a whole bunch ;)

Samantha and Justin described the style of their wedding as romantic boho. Samantha said, "We wanted everything to be simple, romantic and warm." Which we can totally get behind. We feel that simplicity in wedding details eliminites a lot of the disctraction, allowing you and your guests to focus on what truly matters; YOUR FRIGGEN' LOVE. They nailed it because amount of emotion packed into one day shouldn't be legal.

Their Ceremony:

OH. MY. GOSH. We always ask our couples what their favorite part of their wedding was, what stood out the most? Samantha said, "We wanted everyone at our ceremony to leave feeling so much love. We kept it 100% personal. Our officiant/Reverend is one of our best friends and was there when we met. We wrote our own vows (I had mine written 2 weeks after we got engaged because it all just came to me at once and I didn't change a single word since then) My aunt gave me a piece of my late grandmother's blue night gown to wrap around my bouquet so she would be there with me, and I also had surprised my dad with a photo of him, my grandmother and me that was printed on a heart shaped cloth that he got to wear in his suit jacked, so she'd be with with him walking me down the aisle too. Every aspect of it was meant to be solely about our love for each other and the fact that we wouldn't be where we are without the love, friendship and guidance of everyone who was there celebrating with us."

It was honestly a dream come true and the biggest honor of my life being able to photograph their wedding. Here are some of the recommended vendors from our bride! As always, thank you so much for taking the time to read about our amazing couple. Without the continued support, this dream of ours wouldn't be possible. We love you.

-Asher & Emily

Bride recommended vendors:

Klassey Productions (videographer):

Shannon Louise Weddings (wedding Planner:

Fat Bottom Brewery (venue) with a special thanks to Sarah Eastwood for "her help throughout the whole planning process there":