HI FRIENDS! One thing we’ve come to love about what we do is how from start to finish every couple’s story is unique. We love couples who really seize the opportunity to make their wedding day truly their own and these two nailed it. Because of Shelby & Kelli, we left better people and more in love with what we do.

Shelby & Kelli’s story with us started with their engagement pictures in Sedona, AZ in early 2020. We flew back to Arizona on October 3rd to watch them do the darn thing! From the moment we got there, the love and excitement was there. As we bounced back and forth between the two locations each of them was getting ready at, first thing they’d ask is how the other one was doing. As we were walking to their first look location, Kelli was stopping along the way picking wild flowers to give to Shelby. “It’s kind of our thing” – From the moment the day started, their intentions were to make each other’s wedding day perfect. It was selfless and beautiful.

We ended the day playing around in the dark in front of our rental car. The next day we met up with them again to take some family pictures, they’re just too cute not to share a few of those as well! We are so thankful to have these two humans in our lives and can’t wait to watch them pick each other wild flowers for the rest of forever.

-Asher & Emily